CA19DET Rebuild Update June 2008

The Search for Horsepower

Base: 1992 Nissan 200SX rs13

The Beginning

The car was bought on the first of March 2005 near Berlin. The engine was damaged but the chassis was in good condition and had only 133.000 km on the odometer. The fact that the engine was broke didn't matter, because i already had an engine i wanted to rebuild. The image right top shows my first shot of my Nissan 200SX.

The engine i already had was taken from my old '89 200SX which was in a very good condition. But because i was unsatisfied with the stock power of the CA18DET i decided to rebuild the engine with a Tomei Piston Kit, that raises the displacement up to 1852 ccm, in order to gain more power on lower RPMs. That's why i named it "Project CA19DET".

In the following weeks i've ordered lots of parts from countrys all over the world. Malaysia, USA, Japan, China, Australia...and so on. 3 months later most of the parts that i needed to rebuild the engine arrived. The Project was ready to start.

Engine Rebuild

In Summer 2005 we started building the engine. First we unmounted all parts, so i could work on them all separately. Although the engine ran fine, a few parts as the crank, the cylinder sleeves, the conrods and main bearings were in a bad condition. The bottom end itself was in a good condition so i could send it to the engine specialist BUCHNER in Rosenheim to bore the sleeves for the Tomei Piston Kit.


As you can see in the picture at the right side the head was already ported, but not perfect. So i decided to port it further by myself. After 2 weeks i was finished. ;-)

The original rods were polished and balanced to the same weight. Before this work, the stock rods had up to 6 grams difference between each other!!! Now all four, weigh excatly 650 gram. Further i modified the fuel rail, to fit the goodrich lines on it.

More pictures from the engine rebuild:

- clean the engine and head
- thread turning into the fuel rail
engine block finished and coated

Engine paintwork

About the colour i can only say, it took me long to find the colour that i wanted. But i think pictures say more than words. ;-)

Here more pictures from the head:
- from the top
from left
detailed color shoot

GT28R Turbocharger

There it is, my new Turbocharger. The Garrett GT28-R is designed for up to 280-300hp and is ball beared which helps turbo spoolup. The only thing i had to change was the factory Garret wastegate, that was too soft to support boost pressures over 1bar, so i've ordered and installed a HKS one. All oil- and waterlines were replaced with Goodrich lines.

- HKS wastegate
- few Garrett T28R

FMIC Installation

As next the XS Power Intercooler was to mount. The mounting on the top and bottom to the chassis I had made byself with metal sheets. For the pipework I had used Samco Hoses and few 50mm and 60mm aluminium pipes.

The battery I removed from the front to the back of the car, because he was in the way of the only alternativ right choice. How you can see in the pictures below, after drilling the hole for the piping, I install a edge protective strip.

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