my friends Update June 2008

Here a few Cars of my frends

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Firestorms goal was always indivituality. That's the main reason why he got himself a JDM 180SX. The cars main purpose is drifting, but every once in a while he likes to drive timeattacks on various circuits. The fact that the main focus of this build is suspension, brakes and tires shows that this car is not your average drift ride. Form follows function is the motto here.


After scrapping the silver 200SX, Tommi decided to buy another one, which is his current car. The engine was rebuilt to withstand the abuse of a Stage 2 setup, which produces about 250 to 270 PS. With many second-hand parts and a lot of DIY-Solutions, Tommis car embodies the philosophy that getting seat time is more important than installing a lot of (sometimes useless) aftermarket parts.


"Jessica" is rated to produce at least 400 PS on the flywheel, which makes it one of the most powerful road cars in the local area. The car is set up for midnight races and the drag strip.. Her Future will be to hit the +200mp/h club and to live then in another class of cars!

"The Legend"

This silver 200SX was the first sport compact car in our family. My brother Tommi bought it in 2002. With this car we gained a lot of friendships and made a lot of beautiful memories. Unfortunately, in 2004, i crashed the car into a wall on the Autobahn. But because its engine works fine i decided to use it for my CA19DET ReBuild.


The 200SX of Stefan is actually build for touge battles and 3.00am mountain runs. target is to hit a stabile "stage1+" engine....


Modified and tuned for grip driving by professionals, this car is all about driving...and more driving. It has seen more than it's fair share of laps on the north loop of the Nuerburgring (and also drifting). But it just shrugs off the abuse...japanese reliability ftw!


Haris' car features a complete drift setup with a perfectly balanced suspension and many lightweight parts. The V-Mount Intercooler setup and the smallest ball-bearing turbo Garrett has to offer engine a fast response in any situation. Also, his goal was to reduce the total weight of the car down to 1100kg, therefore improving the cars entire handling characteristics as well as the power-to-weight ratio. All this was done to only on purpose: DRIFTING!!!


The BMW E30 is a project drift-car which was just build for drifting. It got a limited-slip-diff, KW Competition suspension and much more. After stripping the car the weight of the car is at 1040kg.


The 200SX s14 of Martin i also a Dirft-Car. Further description follow......

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